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The Princeton Review Difference
Thanks to ESSER funding, K–12 schools and districts can allocate resources where they’re needed most. At The Princeton Review and, we are proud of our institutional partnerships that support underserved students via:  High-dosage tutoring—proven to help students overcome learning loss. 24/7, 1-to-1 tutoring—available whenever and wherever students need support. Whole-student focus—nurturing growth in an encouraging, effective learning environment. SAT®/ACT® test prep from The Princeton Review—driving equity so students can gain admission to and win merit-based aid for college. Early intervention alerts—enabling teachers to provide just-in-time support. Professional development—empowering educators to help students achieve ambitious goals.  Download our ESSER Funding Guide to learn about the resources for which your school is eligible—and see why hundreds of peer institutions are partnering with The Princeton Review and to improve outcomes for their school communities. 2021 CODiE Award for Best Education Platform