High-Dosage Tutoring Funding Guide
A comprehensive look at funding for K–12 initiatives

High-Dosage Tutoring, also called High-Impact Tutoring, is an established intervention that propels students toward significant and accelerated learning gains.

Learn more about the full scope of funding opportunities for High-Dosage Tutoring to enhance personalized learning and address the needs of educationally at-risk students.
High-Dosage Tutoring Funding Guide

What's Inside?

Federal Funding

Explore how Title I-A and Title IV-B federal funds can be utilized to support personalized learning and high-quality academic tutoring.

Philanthropic Funding

Navigate philanthropic funding for math acceleration, college and career readiness programming, and high-quality tutoring services.

Funding Summary Table

Get an at-a-glance overview of eligible uses of federal title funding, intended for quick reference.

How We Can Help

Discover the evidence-based, intensive High-Dosage Tutoring solution from education leader The Princeton Review®, designed to accelerate learning for at-risk K—12 students.