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New videos every week to keep you

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MARCH 27th
Effects on College Admissions, Transfer
Options, SAT/ACT Cancellations, and More
Talk with Drew University President MaryAnn Baenninger
MARCH 25th
How Colleges Are Handling SAT, ACT,
and AP Exam Changes
MARCH 24th
What About Cheating on the
At-Home AP Exams?
MARCH 23rd
3 Things You Need to Know About
College Admissions Right Now
MARCH 20th
8 Things You Need to Know About
Taking At-Home AP Exams
MARCH 18th
How to Take Online Classes
During the Coronavirus Pandemic
MARCH 18th
How to Take Important Tests Online
During the Coronavirus Pandemic 
MARCH 18th
Everything Students Need to Know
During the Coronavirus Pandemic
MARCH 18th
What to Do If Your SAT or ACT was Canceled
—Plus AP Exams, College, and More




10 video series giving you the big

changes to AP subjects for 2020.


The AP® Exams Are Changing
in 2020: What You Need to Know
AP® Exam Changes in 2020:
Minor Updates
AP® Biology:
Changes for 2020
AP® U.S. History:
Changes for 2020
AP® English Language &
Composition: Changes for 2020
AP® English Literature &
Composition: Changes for 2020
AP® Environmental Science:
Changes for 2020
AP® Human Geography:
Changes for 2020 
AP® Psychology:
Changes for 2020
AP® Computer Science A:
Changes for 2020




A new video series that builds your

knowledge and confidence word-by-word.


Erudite Words Series
Learning new words is a really effective way to improve your
standardized-test performance and essay-writing skills.
Nebulous Words Series
Want to improve your standardized-test performance and
write stronger essays? Expanding your vocabulary is key.




10 video series answering your 

college admission and test prep questions.


What Is the Difference Between the SAT and the ACT?
Social Media and College Applications
Can Social Media Help or Hurt College Apps?


Financial Aid Myths vs Facts
What Are the Biggest Myths About Financial Aid?
AP Courses
Should I Take an AP Course?

What Is the Difference Between the SAT and the PSAT?
College Interviews
8 Tips for Acing Your College Interviews.
Paying for College
Cost of Attendance: Paying Less for College.
Early Decision vs Early Action
College Admissions: Early Decision vs Early Action?
11th Grade Gearing Up for College
How to Prep for College During Your Junior Year.
10th Grade Gearing Up for College
How to Prep for College as a Sophomore.





9 video series provides a roadmap

to admission to the college of your choice.


College Admission Intro 
An introduction to College Admission 101.
College Admission Lesson 1 
The biggest admission secret you’re probably overlooking.
College Admission Lesson 2 
How to think like a college.
College Admission Lesson 3
The top admissions factor at every college.
College Admission Lesson 4 
What standardized tests can do for you.
College Admission Lesson 5 
How to write a game-changing college essay.
College Admission Lesson 6 
The X-factors of college admissions.
College Admission Lesson 7 
What you don’t know about financial aid could cost you.
College Admission Lesson 8 
Creative ways to save money on college.




5 video series from a professional

college admissions counselor.


What You Need to Know About
Supplemental Essays for College 
How to Choose Your College Major:
Ask These 5 Questions


College Admission Factors:
Each College Has Its Own Matrix
Academic Rigor: What It Is and Why
You'll Need It When Applying to College
How to Get Great Teacher
Recommendations for College Apps




7 video series covering general study

and test prep strategies.


How to De-Stress and Conquer
Your Imposter Syndrome
School-related stress can make it hard
for you to achieve your best.
3 Ways to Conquer
Your Test Anxiety
Test anxiety can keep you from doing
your best—but it doesn't have to.


SAT® Secrets From Students
Who've Been There 
SAT takers share their hard-won secrets
about what they wish they'd known.
Unexpected Tips from
Straight-A Students
Best pre-test tips and test-taking strategies.
(A lot of their advice goes against conventional wisdom!).
What to Do the Day
Before the SAT®
12 tips to follow so you'll be ready to earn your
best-possible score on test day.
M&N: Tips and Tricks
to Remember Anything
Memorize facts quickly and fully to help you
on tests—and in your life forever.
How the ACT Is Changing in
Fall 2020: What You Need to Know
3 big changes in 2020: superscoring, section retesting,
and CBT—and how these updates will affect
your test prep and college apps.




8 video series from our

regular live test prep show.


SAT Writing & Language
Stop getting tripped up by pesky
punctuation questions on the SAT.
SAT Math: Coordinate Geometry
Learn how to tackle some of those
coordinate geometry questions.
SAT Math: Time
Consuming Problems
Don't lose valuable time, learn the secret to
breaking down tricky questions.
SAT Prep: Your Pencil
is a Secret Weapon
When you take the SAT, you have a
secret weapon in your hand - your pencil.
SAT Prep: Time
Management Tips
What's one factor that can kill your SAT score?
Poor time management.
ACT® Time Management &
General Strategies
Priceless strategies for how to tackle
the ACT and maximize your score.
SAT Reading:
Dissecting the Text
Stop dreading the reading passages and
start learning how to dissect them.
SAT Writing: Transition Words
Don't get tripped up by tricky transitions on the SAT!




10 video series that gives you what

you need for ACT test success.


ACT Math Practice Tricks:
Get More Points Quickly

ACT Reading Practice:
How to Handle Dual Passages
ACT Tips: Improve your
English score quickly
ACT Tips: Process of Elimination
and the Reading Section
ACT Tips: Quickly Pick Up
Points on the Reading Section
ACT Science Tips:
Quickly Pick Up Points
ACT Math Tips: How to
Handle Algebra Problems
Without Using Algebra 
ACT Math Tips: Contruct
Equations with this Method
ACT Math Tips: Breaking
Down Word Problems
ACT Tips: Pacing and
Personal Order of Difficulty